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Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física
On-line version ISSN 1806-9126


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ensino Fís. vol.34 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2012

 Artigos Gerais
 ·  A visualization of the Huygens-Fresnel principle in obtaining a diffraction pattern
Barbosa, Valmar Carneiro; Breitschaft, Ana Maria Senra; Mendonça, José Paulo Rodrigues Furtado de; Moreira, Leonardo Marmo; Moraes, Pedro Claudio Guaranho de

 ·  Experiments with an one-dimensional balance energy model
Teixeira, Mateus da Silva

 ·  Computers as timing devices
Aguiar, C.E.; Pereira, M.M.

 ·  Limit method and the exact capacitance of the capacitor with not parallel plates
Bertuola, A.C.

 ·  Obtaining a closed-form representation for the dual bosonic thermal Green function by using methods of integration on the complex plane
Mondaini, Leonardo

 ·  An introduction to the theory of tachyons
Vieira, Ricardo S.

 ·  Optical systems with two mirrors
Ferreira da Silva, M.F.

 ·  Electrostatics of two suspended spheres
Dall'Agnol, Fernando Fuzinatto; Mammana, Victor P.; Engelsen, Daniel den

 ·  Solution of the circular aperture diffraction problem
Iannini, Mauro Lucio Lobão

 ·  Adiabatic model of the earth's atmosphere compatible with the greenhouse effect
Furtado, Mario Tosi

 ·  From classical to modern physics: the ringing simple of a siren
Melhorato, Rodrigo Lima; Nicoli, Gustavo Tosta

 ·  Simple measurement of surface free energy using a web cam
Vicente, C.M.S; André, P.S.; Ferreira, R.A.S.

 Pesquisa em Ensino de Física
 ·  Many high-school students don't want to study physics: active learning experiences can change this negative attitude!
Marušić, Mirko; Sliško, Josip

 ·  In-service physics teacher education in Angola based on a didactic model for the conceptual field of force
Nzau, Domingos Kimpolo; Lopes, J. Bernardino; Costa, Nilza

 Desenvolvimento em Ensino de Física
 ·  A method for experimenting with low capacitances
Lüdke, Everton

 ·  Rolling without slipping: an illustrative example able to show many conceptual conflicts
Nelson, Osman Rosso

 ·  Average and instantaneous velocities in High School: a possible approach
Souza, P.V.S.; Donangelo, R.

 História da Física e Ciências Afins
 ·  The complexity of motion in the Aristotelian Physics
Campos, Alexandre; Ricardo, Élio Carlos

 Notas e Discussões
 ·  Biorthogonal wavelets
Domingues, Margarete Oliveira; Kaibara, Magda Kimico