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Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso
On-line version ISSN 2176-4573


Table of contents
Bakhtiniana, Rev. Estud. Discurso vol.7 no.1 São Paulo Jan./June 2012

Brait, Beth; Pistori, Maria Helena Cruz

 ·  Educational games and responsiveness: playfulness, reading comprehension and learning
Araújo, Nukácia Meyre Silva; Ribeiro, Fernanda Rodrigues; Santos, Suellen Fernandes dos

 ·  The Gluttonous Queen: dialogism and memory in elementary school writing
Calil, Eduardo

 ·  The "ungenred" genres: discourses in the research about the Spanish language produced in Brazil
Fanjul, Adrián Pablo

 ·  The constituting alterity in classes of english as a foreign language-culture: the bakhtinian dialogical principle perspective
Figueredo, Carla Janaina

 ·  Dialogues at the scholarly argumentative text: an analysis of consensual and polemical enunciates
Guariglia, Rinaldo

 ·  Bakhtinian concept of literature and the analysis of characters in modern foreign language textbooks
Janzen, Henrique Evaldo

 ·  Discourses unveiled: a study of dialogic movements in contemporary short stories
Kraemer, Márcia Adriana Dias; Perfeito, Alba Maria

 ·  From textual type to textual genre: the essay in the university entrance exam
Pistori, Maria Helena Cruz

 ·  Revisiting grammar teaching issues from a bakhtinian point of view
Puzzo, Miriam Bauab

 ·  Native language teaching and Critical Discourse Analysis
Ramalho, Viviane

 ·  The teaching of argumentative writing in the dialogic perspective
Rocha, Regina Braz da Silva Santos

 ·  The speech genre synopsis as a proposal of speech therapy action aiming the development of reading and writing competences
Signor, Rita

 ·  Oral genres in school
Teixeira, Lucia

 ·  The notion of active responsive understanding in the teaching and learning process
Zozzoli, Rita Maria Diniz

 ·  Toward a history of forms of utterance in language constructions (study in the applications of the sociological method to problems of syntax); discourse in life and discourse in art -concerning sociological poetics
Castro, Gilberto de

 ·  A construção da identidade nacional nas crônicas da Revista do Brasil
Trevisan, Ana Lúcia

 Translated Papers
 ·  The hero at the bar of eternity: the Bakhtin Circle's juridical theory of the novel
Brandist, Craig; Marchezan, Renata Coelho