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The algal flora of two distinct habitats along the Moa River in the state of Acre, Brazil

Patricia A. Archibald Joe M. King About the authors

Twenty-eoght algal samples were collected in September-October, 1984, from two distinct habitats in the state of Acre, Brazil. Eleven were from the Moa River, and 17 were from a sulfur water spring which flows into the Moa River. A total of 74 species, representing 48 genera of algae, were identified from these samples. Forty-nine species were found in the Moa River and 67 in the sulfur water spring. Both coolection site had rich assemblages of cyanophycean algae, chlorophycean algae, and diatoms. Chlorophycean species dominated the algae flora at both sites, cut were more numerous at the sulfur water spring. There was also a definite difference in the relatives proportions of desmids to filamentous chlorophycean algae at the two sites.

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