Florula of the Ducke Forest Reserve, I: PALMAE (ARECACEAE)

Andrew HENDERSON Aldicir SCARIOT About the authors

This is the first taxomomic treatment of a family for the Fiorala of the Ducke Reserve. Fourteen genera with 35 species are treated for the palm family, with keys to all genera and species and brief descriptions of all species. The keys are based on characters found on fertile herbarium specimens. Listed by decreasing diversity, the genera are: Bactris (8), Geonoma (6), Astrocaryum (5), Attalea (3), Oenocarpus (3), Euterpe (2), Desmoncus (1), Hyospathe (1), irianella (1), Manicaria (1), Mauritia (1), Mauritiella (1), Socratea (1) and Syagrus (1).

Floristic Inventory; Central Amazonia; Palmae

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