Alcalóides de Peschiera affinis (Muell. Arg) Miers (Apocynaceae)

Wilson Wolter Filho Carlos Humberto Souza Andrade Raimundo Braz Filho Francisco José de Abreu Matos About the authors

The methanolic extracts of bark and woody roots from three especimens of Peschiera affinis (Apocynaceae) collected at different geographical sites (Fortaleza , Ubajara-CE e Cical-PI) afforded, after chromatographical separation, the following alkaloids: coronanidine, epiheyneanine, affinisine, vobasine, olivacine, voacangine, voacristine, iboxygaine and l9-hidroxi-ibogamine. The latter four substances were found previously in the genus Tabernanthe and Voacanga and are registered here for Peschiera affinis for the first time.

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