Biopsy guided by dermoscopy in cutaneous pigmented lesion - Case report

Biópsia cutânea de lesão pigmentada guiada pela dermatoscopia - Relato de caso

Lislaine Bomm Marcela Duarte Villela Benez Juan Manuel Piñeiro Maceira Isabel Cristina Brasil Succi Maria de Fatima Guimarães Scotelaro About the authors

It may be clinically difficult to differentiate early-stage melanoma from benign tumors, specially pigmented seborrheic keratosis. Dermoscopy can help; however, the findings are not always conclusive. Therefore, histopathology may be necessary for a correct diagnosis. We describe a melanocytic lesion with dubious clinic and dermoscopic findings. An incisional biopsy of a suspicious area, guided by dermoscopy, was performed to clarify the findings.

Biopsy; Dermoscopy; Keratosis, Melanoma; Seborrheic

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