Continuous glucose monitoring system: dawn period calibration does not change accuracy of the method

Sistema de monitorização contínua de glicose: calibração da madrugada não interfere na acurácia do método

Gustavo A. Augusto André G. P. Sousa Marcela N. A. Perazo Maria L. C. Correa-Giannella Marcia Nery Karla F. S. de Melo About the authors

INTRODUCTION: Continuous glucose monitoring system is a valuable instrument to measure glycemic control, which uses a retrospective calibration based upon 3 to 4 capillary glucose meter values inserted by the patient each day. OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the interference of calibration during the dawn period in the system accuracy. METHODS: The monitoring data were retrospectively divided into two groups: with (Group A) or without (Group B) the dawn period calibration (between 1:00 and 5:00 AM). Accuracy of the method was expressed by relative absolute difference. RESULTS: Thirty-four continuous glucose monitoring data were evaluated comprising a total of 112 nights. A total of 289 paired readings were analyzed - 195 in Group A and 94 in Group B. We did not find a difference in relative absolute difference (RAD%) in any analyzed period of day by adding dawn calibration. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that dawn calibration does not alter accuracy of method.

Diabetes mellitus; glycemic control; hypoglycemia; continuous monitoring

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