Quantitative computed tomography of the liver in dogs submitted to prednisone therapy

Tomografia computadorizada quantitativa do fígado de cães submetidos à terapia com prednisona

The aim of this study is to evaluate the possible alterations in radiodensity of the hepatic parenchyma and spleen resulting from the corticotherapy with prednisone, correlating these findings with serum biochemical hepatic transaminase activity. A clinical trial was performed on eight healthy dogs with the intent of evaluating possible hepatic alterations after prednisone therapy using quantitative computed tomography. All animals received prednisone orally at a dose of 2mg/kg of weight for 30 days. The radiodensity of the liver and spleen was determined before and after the period that the medication was administered. An increase in the radiodensity of the hepatic parenchyma between the initial and final experimental stages was observed. In the present study the existence of early hepatic alterations were verified, which are compatible with glycogen storage.

dog; computed tomography; glycogenosis; radiodensity; glucocorticoid

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