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Difficulties encountered by farmers in the implementation of traceability bovine

M.A. Lopes A.A. Demeu A.D.B. Ribeiro C.M.B.M. Rocha F.R.P. Bruhn P.L. Retes About the authors

This research aimed to conduct a survey of the difficulties encountered by farmers who joined the Service of Supply Chain Traceability of Cattle and Buffaloes (New SISBOV). A semi-structured qualitative form containing thirty-seven questions was elaborated. We interviewed 130 beef cattle farmers farming in three major exhibitions during year 2009, among which 17% (22 farmers) had joined the new SISBOV. We interviewed over 49 farmers in their screened farms, thus totaling 179 interviews. The main difficulties encountered by farmers were: frequent changes in new SISBOV rules, loss of proof of identity, inadequate remuneration for animals tracked by the stores and market instability.

beef cattle; food safety; traceability

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