Choline supplementation in diets for male broilers in the growing phase

M.A. Pompeu N.C. Baião L.J.C. Lara R. Ecco J.S.R. Rocha M.N.S. Fernandes V.M. Barbosa D.J.A. Miranda

The effects of choline supplemental levels were evaluated in diets for broilers on performance, carcass and liver composition and liver histopathology characteristics from 22 to 40 days-old. The period of creation was one to 40 days of age, and the experimental period was 22 to 40 days-old. Until 21 days of age all birds received the same diet added to 400mg choline/kg. On day 22, broilers were allotted to five treatments (zero, 400, 800, 1200 and 1600 mg/kg), with six repetitions of 30 birds each. The experimental diets formulated based on corn, soybean meal and meat/bones meal were isonutritive, except for the choline levels. The experimental design was completely randomized and the estimation of choline supplementation was evaluated by regression models. The levels of choline supplementation showed a significant linear effect for the F test (P<0.05) for feed intake. The other evaluated parameters were not influenced by supplementation (P>0.05). The supplementation of 1600mg choline/kg in the diet results in higher feed intake of broilers at 40 days old.

broiler; choline; liver; performance

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