Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in the Aksu Region of Xinjiang, China, between 1985 and 2016

Prevalência de tuberculose bovina na região Aksu de Xinjiang, China, entre 1985 e 2016

Y.H. Liu Q. Kang B. Yang F. Li X.Q. Li L. Zhang L. Zhao About the authors


Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis infection in cattle in Aksu Prefecture determined by intradermal tuberculin skin test (TST), between 1985 and 2016. Cattle were analyzed according to region, feeding pattern, herds and age. A total of 890,009 cattle were tested, with overall bovine tuberculosis prevalence of 0.13% (1172/890009). Statistically significant difference was found in feeding pattern and herds. Prevalence in cows (0.19%, 615/327022) was higher than that in beeves (P< 0.01, OR= 1.903, 95% CI = 1.696 to 2.134). Significant difference (P< 0.01; OR= 2.238, 95%; CI= 1.937 to 2.585) was evident for rates for bovine tuberculosis in the peasant household (0.12%, 942/802343) and farm groups (0.26%, 230/87666). The overall prevalence of bTB was decreased in the Aksu Prefecture, especially the positive rate was under 0.1% in 2010s. We concluded that the control measures forbovine tuberculosis in the Aksu region cattle herds are effective.

prevalence; bovine tuberculosis; aksu prefecture

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