Performance parameters and carcass of genotypes from alternative strains of broiler chickens

R.C. Veloso A.V. Pires R.A. Torres Filho S.R.F. Pinheiro L.K. WinKelstroter D.C. Alcântara C.C.D.C.S. Cruz About the authors

The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance characteristics and carcass of seven genotypes of alternative strains of Redbro broiler chickens. We used 840 day old male chicks, distributed in a completely randomized design, with the following Redbro strain genotypes: Caboclo, Carijó, Colorpak, Gigante Negro, Pesadão Vermelho, Pescoço Pelado and Tricolor. The broilers were housed in 28 boxes, 30 broilers per pen in masonry shed with access to a 45 square meter paddock, with four replications. The performance characteristics (feed conversion, average daily weight gain, average daily feed intake) were evaluated in the following periods: 1 to 28, 1 to 56, 1 to 70 and 1 to 85 days of age. Body weight was measured at 28, 56, 70 and 84 days of age. The carcass traits (weight and carcass yield, breast and leg) were obtained from the slaughter of two broilers per pen, at 84 days old. Statistical analyzes were performed using the "proc glm" SAS. It was found that in all periods, Colorpak genotype broilers had higher body weight, better average daily feed intake, average daily weight gain and feed conversion. However, the genotypes Caboclo and Gigante Negro had lower average daily feed intake, and worse average daily weight gain and feed conversion. As for the cuts yield, it can be observed that the genotypes Caboclo and Gigante Negro presented the lowest values and Carijó, Colorpak, Pesadão Vermelho, Pescoço Pelado and Tricolor had the best yields for legs. For breast meat yield and weight, Carijó and Pesadão Vermelho had the highest values. The genotype choice should be in accordance with the market interest, because there are differences in performance and carcass yield and cuts.

colonial chicken; feed intake; feed conversion; weight gain

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