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Nutritional requirement of digestible methionine + cystine for brown-egg laying hens from 75 to 91weeks of age

This work determined the nutritional requirements for methionine + cystine for commercial hens in the second production cycle from 75 to 91 weeks of age, using 150 brown-egg layer hens in a completely randomized design, distributed in five treatments, six replicates of five hens each and fed a basal diet containing 2859kcal/kg of metobolizable energy, 16.30% crude protein supplemented with 0.132, 0.173, 0.215, 0.256 and 0.298% DL-methionine (98%), in order to provide 0.588, 0.628, 0.669, 0.709 and 0.750% methionine + cystine in the diet. The inclusion of methionine + cystine followed, respectively, the proportions of 67, 72, 77, 81 and 86% with lysine fixed at 0.872%. The feed intake, methionine + cystine intake, feed conversion per dozen eggs and egg mass, percentage of the eggs, egg weight, egg mass, percentage of egg components and internal quality of eggs and weight gain were evaluated. The inclusion methionine + cystine in the amounts indicated had no effect (P> 0.05) on the production characteristics and internal and external quality of eggs. The requirement was estimated at 0.588% methionine + cystine intake corresponding to 654.73mg/hen/day.

digestible amino acid; molting; egg brown; egg quality; second cicle

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