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Polymorphisms in the leptin gene in divergent swine breeds

M.A.M. Soares S.E.F. Guimarães R.F. Euclydes P.S. Lopes J.O. Peixoto M.F.M. Guimarães A.A. Wenceslau A.V. Pires A.A. Benevenuto Júnior About the authors

Leptin gene (obese gene) polymorphism was investigated in Piau boars (a fat, native breed) and sows from commercial strains (Landrace/Large White and Landrace/Large White by Pietrain) chosen for rapid growth and early sexual maturity. Eight pairs of primers designed using the sequence available from GenBank (access nº U66254) were identified as the reference sequence in this project. DNA samples were extracted from white blood cells using phenol:chloroform solution, after treatment with proteinase K. Fragments generated by amplification of the Polymerase Chain Reaction were purified and sequenced in an automatic sequencer. Nucleotide sequences obtained from DNA of commercial swine breeds were similar to the reference sequence; whereas sequences generated from native breed DNA diverged from the reference sequence and from domestic breed DNA. Of the 28 polymorphisms found, eight were observed in only one of the three sequences generated from DNA of native breeds. Twelve polymorphisms were present in two sequences and the eight remaining polymorphisms were found in all three categories of DNA.

swine; leptin; obese gene; polymorphism

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