Dry matter digestibility of corn silages and concentrates determined by in vitro procedures

F.C.F. Lopes R.A.C. Dornelas J.A.B. Portugal J.C. Carneiro R.S. Verneque J. Silva e Oliveira P.B. Arcuri A.C.A. Duque About the authors

The values of in vitro dry matter digestibility (IVDMD) of four corn silages and six concentrates (three proteic and three energetics) were determined by the two-stage technique that utilizes individual digestion tubes and by an automatic equipment of fermentation (filter bag technique). It was also evaluated the associative effect on digestion of these three food classes when incubated in the same fermentation jar of the "in vitro incubator" and when in different vessels containing the same class of foods. The experimental design was completely randomized in a 3 x 3 factorial arrangement (in vitro procedures x food classes). The IVDMD values determined in tubes were closer to those found in the literature and lower (P<0.02) than those obtained by the automatic procedure. No differences were found (P>0.05) in IVDMD of concentrates and silages when incubated together in the same fermentation jar or separated by food classes in separated jars.

silage; concentrate; chemical analysis; ruminant nutrition; bromatological composition

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