Lactato concentration in bitch and canine neonates born through cesarean section

L.M.C. Bueno M.D. Lopes M.L.G. Lourenço N.C. Prestes R.K. Takahira A.A.P. Derussi M.J. Sudano About the authors

This work evaluated the concentration of lactate and blood glucose in seven bitches in labor subject to caesarean section and in their newborns. The lactate concentration was measured using a portable analyzer and enzymatic colorimetric method. In neonates, the birth weight was evaluated. The maternal and neonatal lactate values were statistically different, being higher in newborns. At birth, the bitches and the newborns had normal glucose status, and no correlation was observed between blood glucose in either. The lactate concentration obtained by the portable analyzer (3.5±0.6mmol/L) was higher than that obtained with the enzymatic colorimetric method (1.6±0.6mmol/L). There was significant correlation between the neonate weight and lactate concentration and in puppies with lighter weight there was a higher concentration of lactate.

bitch; neonate; lactate; glucose; accutrend

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