Mastitis in the transition period: identification of potential blood markers

Mastite no período de transição: identificação de potenciais marcadores no sangue

K.R. Santos F.N. Souza M.G. Blagitz C.F. Batista H.G. Bertagnon R.C. Gomes P.C.C. Molinari S.A. Diniz M.X. Silva J.P.A. Haddad M.B. Heinemann A.M.M.P.D. Libera About the authors


This study identified potential blood markers associated with mastitis in dairy cows under different dry therapies during the transition period, using a logistic regression model. Thirty-four Holstein dairy cows were divided into three groups: untreated controls (13 cows, 42 quarters); animals that received an antimicrobial at drying-off (10 cows, 40 quarters); and animals that were administered an internal teat sealant at drying-off (11 cow, 44 quarters). Blood and quarter milk samples were collected 60 days before the expected day of calving, on the day of calving, and three, seven, 15, 21, and 30 days after calving. Milk samples were submitted for bacteriological analysis and somatic cell count. Blood samples were collected for analyses of the following: the erythrogram and leucogram; plasm fibrinogen concentration; hepatic and renal functions; metabolic profile; serum calcium and phosphorous levels; total serum protein and albumin concentrations. The concentration of total serum proteins was associated with a high somatic cell count. Similarly, the concentrations of total serum proteins and triglycerides were associated to milk bacteriological positive samples during the transition period. Thus, the occurrence of mastitis in dairy cows during the transition period was greater in animals that showed higher concentrations of serum total proteins and triglycerides, in contrast to the use of dry cow therapy.

intramammary infection; risk factor; drying-off; periparturient period; metabolism

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