The use of reduced glutathione (GSH) as antioxidant for cryopreserved sperm in dogs

O uso da glutationa reduzida (GSH) como antioxidante na criopreservação seminal em cães

D.S.R. Angrimani M. Nichi M.M. Brito G.K.V. Kawai B.R. Rui J.D.A. Losano N.M.G. Vieira M.C.P. Francischini D.S.G. Cruz N. Queiroz-Hazarbassanov C.O. Massoco C.I. Vannucchi About the authors


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of supplementation with different concentrations of reduced glutathione GSH (0; 5; 7.5; 10mM) in the extender for cryopreservation in dogs with evaluations performed after glycerolization (chilled) and thawing (thawed). For this purpose, we used 8 dogs and two semen collections were performed in a weekly interval, totaling 16 semen samples. The sperm were analyzed by automatic sperm motility (CASA) and flow cytometry analysis of mitochondrial potential (JC1 dye) and membrane/acrosome integrity (FITC-PI dyes). We evaluated subjectively the membrane and acrosome integrity, mitochondrial activity and DNA integrity. Seminal plasma was evaluated for lipid peroxidation (TBARS concentration). Chilled and thawed samples supplemented with 7.5 and 10mM of GSH had lower percentage of sperm with high (DAB - Class I) and medium (DAB - Class II) mitochondrial activity. And 10mM of GSH had higher percentage of low mitochondrial activity (DAB - Class III). Moreover, thawed samples of 10mM of GSH had high DNA fragmentation rates. Probably by a reductive stress effect on mitochondria which lead to an increase in reactive oxygen species, and a mitochondrial malfunction.

reactive oxygen species; cryopreservation; antioxidant; canine

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