Digestible energy in the diet of primiparous lactating sows

F.P. Paiva J.L. Donzele R.F.M. Oliveira M.L.T. Abreu E.P. Costa L.R. Apolônio About the authors

Forty-eight primiparous sows (PIC), weighting in average of 185.03±15.78kg, were used to evaluate different levels of digestible energy (3,350; 3,500; 3,650 and 3,800 kcal/kg) during lactation (19.98±1.04 days). A completely randomized design was used with four treatments, 12 replicates, being the sow considered as the experimental unit. The sows were daily fed with 4.0kg of the experimental diet. Energy intake increased linearly, according to the level of digestible energy in the diet. The energy level in the diet did not affect the mobilization of corporal reserve, the reproductive characteristics and the levels of insulin of the serum of the sows. Weight gain of piglets and litter increased linearly, according to the dietary energy levels. It was concluded that primiparous lactating sows need to intake at least 14,307kcal/day.

sow; litter; reproduction; energy; coconut oil; lactation

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