Performance of calves fed on liquid diets based on whole milk and whey

F.A.P.V. Fontes S.G. Coelho A.M.Q. Lana T.C. Costa A.U. Carvalho M.I.C. Ferreira H.M. Saturnino R.B. Reis A.L. Serrano About the authors

The effects of alternative protein sources replacing whole milk proteins in milk replacer formulation were evaluated. Fifteen Holstein calves, weaned at 30 days of age, were used to evaluate the intake of concentrate, hay, mineral salt and water, and live weight gain. Animals were divided in three experimental groups: control group (C) - fed whole milk; milk replacer WM group (whey/milk) - fed on 41.6% of crude protein (CP) provided by whey protein concentrate (WPC), 23.1% by whey and 35.3% by whole milk; and milk replacer W group (whey) - fed on 68% of CP provided by WPC and 32% by whey. Starter, hay, mineral and water intakes were daily measured, whereas live weight was weekly recorded. Starter, mineral and water intakes were not different (P>0.05) among the experimental groups. Hay intake and live weight gain were lower (P<0.05) for S group animals. Total replacement of whole milk proteins with whey proteins negatively affected the performance of the calves.

calf; milk replacer; whey protein concentrate; whey; performance

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