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Comparative study of manual and digital method in the calculation of the tibial plateau angle in dogs


There are few published data on the applicability and reliability of digital methods for measuring the TPA compared with manual measurement. The objective of this study was to compare the TPA obtained by calculating standard manual on conventional radiographs, with the values obtained by calculations in digital images through a computer program. Bilateral digital radiographs of hind limb were analyzed in true profile for 20 healthy dogs older than two years. Three observers with similar levels of experience in calculating the TPA conducted measurements on each radiograph. First we calculated the angle of the tibial plateaus manually in x-ray film and then the calculations were made through the program offered by the computer program in the digital image. The results of this study showed significant differences between the methods, with average value of 20.48±3.71 digital calculating average and 23.90±2.4 in the manual calculation. P value was < 0.01 when comparing averages. No significant difference in manual calculation in right profile were found between interobserver assessments, suggesting greater variation in manual calculation compared to digital. The calculation performed by the software showed less variation in values. The slight variation obtained in our results is believed to be due to the facilities provided by the software. There was a difference between the values obtained by means of conventional and digital methods for calculating the angle of the tibial plateau, and the smaller digital values between the observers and the digital method in the calculation of the tibial plateau angle led to less variation when compared to the manual method.

cranial cruciate ligament; measurement; program; rupture

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