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Licuri meal in diets for tambaqui (Colossoma Macropomum, Cuvier, 1818)

The search for alternative ingredients for fish feed has become constant, therefore it is essential that the ingredients have total use by the specie. Beyond this, the ingredient should be available throughout the year. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the corn meal replacement by licuri meal over tambaqui juvenile performance. Three replacement treatments were evaluated and compared to the control diet (33.33%; 66.66% and 100%). Sixteen fish (initial weight = 3.18 ± 0.5 g ) were placed in 250 L tanks. Fish were fed three times a day at the average of 5% of total biomass. Every ten days fish were weighed and measured. At the end of the trial, performance and carcass composition were evaluated in each treatment. There was no significant difference among treatments for final weight, weight gain, feed conversion, feed efficiency, survival and growth. However, there was significant difference for feed consumption, which was significantly lower where 100% of corn meal was replaced by licuri meal. Is this treatment higher carcass protein content and lower carcass fat was also significant.

replacement; corn; nutrition; carcass; growth

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