Ingestive behavior of feedlot lambs feed with exclusive diet of concentrate with different percentages of protein

L.G.A. Cirne G.J.C. Oliveira S.M.P.L. Jaeger A.R. Bagaldo M.C.P. Leite N.B. Rocha C.M. Macedo Junior P.A. Oliveira About the authors

The experiment was conducted to evaluate the ingestive behavior of feedlot lambs fed with an exclusive diet of concentrate with different percentages of protein (14, 16, 18, and 20%). A total of twenty four Santa Inês crossbred lambs, not castrated, with approximately 180 days of age, average live weight of 25kg, confined, in a completely randomized design, with four treatments and six repetitions. The time spent on feeding decreased linearly in 0.20 hours/day for each 1% increasing in protein percentage in the diet, the idleness increased linearly in 0.25 hours/day, and the total chewing decreased linearly in 0.25 hours/day. The increase in the protein percentage in the diet increased the feed efficiency linearly (kg DM and NDF/hour) in 0.038 and 0.005kg/hour, respectively, for DM and NDF fractions. However, the intake of dry matter (DM) and neutral detergent fiber (NDF), the rumination efficiency (kg DM and NDF/hour), as well as the period (nº /day) and the time (min) spent on feeding, ruminating and idling were not influenced by different protein percentages in the diet.

ewe; feeding; ethology; idle; rumination

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