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[Infusion of morphine and ketamine, with or without lidocaine, in cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy]


The aim of this study was to evaluate the trans-operative analgesics, continuous infusion of morphine and ketamine, with or without lidocaine in cats undergoing elective OSH. Sixteen adult cats were used, otherwise healthy, pre-medicated with acepromazine (0.1mg/kg) and morphine (0.5mg/kg), both intramuscularly, induced with ketamine (1mg/kg) and propofol (4mg/kg), intravenous, maintained under general inhalation anesthesia with isoflurane 1.4 V%. The animals were randomly allocated into two groups: morphine, lidocaine and ketamine (MLK, n= 8), which received intravenous bolus of lidocaine (1mg/kg) followed by infusion of morphine, lidocaine and ketamine (0.26mg / kg/h, 3mg / kg/h and 0.6mg / kg/h, respectively); Morphine and ketamine (MK, n= 8), who received bolus of saline followed by infusion of morphine and ketamine at the same doses of MLK. The evaluated moments were: M0, basal, 5 minutes after induction; M1 immediately after the application of lidocaine bolus injection or saline; M2, M3, M4 and M5, every 5 minutes to complete 20 minutes after the start of infusion; M6, after the incision of the musculature; M7, after clamping of the first ovarian pedicle; M8, after clamping of the second ovarian pedicle; M9, after clamping of the cervix; M10, after suturing of the musculature; M11, at the end of surgery; And M12, M13 and M14, 5 minute intervals until completing one hour of infusion. The time to extubating and full recovery of animals, and the need for rescue analgesic fentanyl intraoperatively were also evaluated. HR in M0 was higher in MLK when compared to MK. In both groups the SBP was higher in M7 and M8 compared to M0, but the MK, addition of SAP, HR was greater M7 to M13, as well as f. MK animals required a greater number of trans-operative rescues than the MLK. It was concluded that the addition of lidocaine to the protocol using morphine and ketamine increased its analgesia.

felines; multimodal analgesia; continuous infusion; local anesthetic

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