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Benzocaine and eugenol as anesthetics for golden fish (Carassius auratus)

F. Bittencourt B.E. Souza W.R. Boscolo R.R. Rorato A. Feiden D.H. Neu About the authors

The aim of this work was to evaluate the induction and recuperation time of quinguio (Carassius auratus) exposed to two anesthetics, eugenol and benzocaine. 128 juveniles with 2.07±0.53g of average weight and 5.51±0.56cm of total length were used. The benzocaine proved to be more efficient than the eugenol regarding the time in inducing a coma and recovering flight, as well as survival. The better results of benzocaine doses were 87.5 and 100mg.L-1. The eugenol resulted in a delay of animal induction and recovery, and also presented mortalities when the anesthetics doses were increased.

anesthesia; ornamental fish; management

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