Laparoscopic cystotomy for urolith removal in dogs: three case reports

Cistotomia laparoscópica na remoção de urólitos em cães: relato de três casos

The use of laparoscopic surgery for the removal of cystic calculi in three dogs was reported. Three trocars were used, one in the ventral midline (10mm) and the others in the right (10mm) and left (5mm) flanks. The calculi were removed and the bladder was sutured with intracorporeal technique in two layers, a simple continuous pattern and interrupted or continuous Lembert pattern. No postoperative complications were observed. One patient had a recurrence of urolithiasis, attributed to inadequate conservative treatment and to the lack of an appropriate diet. It was submitted to another similar videolaparoscopic cystotomy without complication. The proposed technique is appropriate and an alternative to conventional cystotomy for treatment of canine vesical urolithiasis.

dog; laparoscopy; endosurgery; minimally invasive surgery; bladder

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