Performance of growing rabbits reared under different stocking densities

M.C. Oliveira C.V. Almeida About the authors

The purpose of this experiment was to evaluate the performance of growing rabbits in different stocking densities. One hundred and thirty six non-sexed rabbits, 35 days old, were used in a randomized block design, with four treatments and four repetitions. The evaluated densities were: 11.67; 13.34; 15 e 16.67 rabbits/m² corresponding to the occupation of seven, eight, nine and ten rabbits/cage. At the end of the six-week-experimental-period, rabbits and rations were weighted to obtain final body weight, daily weight gain, daily ration consumption, feed:gain ratio and total meat production or kilograms of meat per square meter. No effects (P>0.05) of stocking densities on final body weight, daily weight gain, daily ration consumption and feed:gain ratio were observed. The production in kilograms of meat per square meter increased linearly (P<0.05) in relation to stocking density (27.86; 31.45; 34.64 and 38.12 kg/m²). The increase in stocking density did not affect the performance of the rabbits.

Rabbit; stocking density; performance

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