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Horner-s Syndrome following common carotid artery translocation in a horse: case report

Síndrome de Horner após transposição de carótida em equino: relato de caso

Horner's syndrome (HS) is a sympathetic dysfunction caused by injuries to the sympathetic pathway. A clinical case of HS following common carotid artery transposition and catheterization in a horse is described. The animal presented head and neck sweating with focal skin temperature elevation, facial paralysis and ptosis. Most clinical signs were transient and persisted for two hours following percutaneous catheter removal. Recurrence of clinical signs was observed at subsequent catheterizations. Ptosis endured for 10 months as a consequence of the first catheter placement which demonstrates the importance of careful manipulation of the anatomical structures of the neck when performing any surgical manipulation in this area.

horse; neurologic disorders; sympathetic trunk; nerve dysfunctions

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