Ophthalmic and anesthetic evaluation of topical 1% tetracaine and 0.5% proparacaine in dogs

Ação anestésica e oftálmica da administração de colírio de tetracaína 1% e proparacaína 0,5% em cães

The aim of this study was to establish the action of 1% tetracaine eye drops in combination with 0.1% phenylephrine in two different posologies and their effects on the eye compared to the 0.5% proparacaine drops in dogs. 22 animals were divided into two groups: TG (11 animals), received 1% tetracaine associated with 0.1% phenylephrine eye drops, one drop instilled in the left eye and two drops, with one-minute interval between each, instilled in the right eye; PG (11 animals) received 0.5% proparacaine eye drops following the same dosage. The average duration of the observed anesthetic action was 25 minutes for tetracaine and 15 minutes for proparacaine. The instillation of two drops increased anesthetic time in five minutes. No changes in intraocular pressure, pupil diameter and tear production was observed. The drops of tetracaine triggered chemosis in four (36.4%) animals. Topical anesthesia with proparacaine eye drops showed no adverse reactions and is thus recommended preferentially.

dog; topical anesthesia; eye; aesthesiometry; Cochet-Bonnet

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