Processing of corn for grazing dairy cows

A.M. Moura H.P. Freitas I.A.P. Mendes R.B. Reis H.M. Saturnino About the authors

Twelve lactating Holstein-Gyr (1/2) cows in a rotational grazing system with Panicum maximum cv. Mombasa were supplemented with different concentrates containing finely ground dried corn (MM), expanded corn (ME), steam flaked corn (MF) or silage of re-hydrated ground corn (MU). The experiment was arranged in a 4 x 4 Latin square design with three replications. Pasture intake was higher when cows were supplemented with MF, which resulted in higher DM, CP, and NDF. The apparent digestibility of DM was higher for MF and MM diets. The NDF apparent digestibility was lower for MU. Milk yield and composition did not differ between treatments; however, feed efficiency was lower for MF.

expansion; flocculation; Mombaça grass; re-hydration

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