Comparison of two methodologies to estimate losses of milk production in crossbred Holstein x Zebu cows with sub-clinical mastitis

H.N. Costa L.R. Molina C.F.A. Lage V.M.R. Malacco E.J. Facury Filho A.Ú. Carvalho About the authors


Somatic cell count (SCC) and milk production of crossbred Holstein x Gir were used to evaluate the estimated loss of milk production two methodologies, based on the average SCC of total closed lactation, or average SCC and weighing milk at different stages of lactation. In primiparous with SCC mL ≥200,000 cells-1 production loss in the total lactation, evaluated by the average lactation SCC, was 814 kilograms. For multiparous, there was no difference in milk production between cows with and without SCM based on the SCC media of lactation. The estimate of lost production assessed through monthly testing of SCC and milk weighing at different stages of lactation, balanced by the prevalence of subclinical mastitis, was 917.9kg for primiparous and 1178.9kg for multiparous. The estimative of milk production with CCS at different stages of lactation showed greater loss of milk production when compared to the estimative based on the average SCC throughout the period of lactation. The milk production loss method based on the average somatic cell count of the whole lactation was underestimated when compared to the method based on average SCC in different stages of lactation.

milk cows; somatic cell count; inflammation; mammary gland

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