Dietary evaluation of starches through glycemic and insulinemic responses in healthy dogs

G.B. Silveira B.P. Paule E.P. Socorro About the authors

The effects of both starch source and processing in dog chow on postprandial plasma glucose and insulin concentrations in eight healthy adult Beagle dogs fed on four dietary regimens, raw wheat starch (RWS), gelatinized wheat starch (GWS), raw cassava starch (RCS) and gelatinized cassava starch (GCS) were studied. Blood samples were collected by brachial vein puncture at 0, 70, 140, 250 and 360 minutes postprandially. The diet had no influence on glycemia, but changed serum insulin concentration (P<0.05). Total areas under the insulinemic curve did not differ for RWS and GCS diets, but they were larger than those for GWS and RCS, as a result of the viscosity of GWS and of the resistance to enzymatic attack of RCS diet. These results suggest that GWS diet could be indicated to minimize the insulinic postprandial response and to maintain the euglycemia.

dog; starch; glycemia; insulinemia

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