Plasmatic coagulation and platelet count in dogs uninfected and experimentally infected with Ehrlichia spp.

The effect of Ehrlichia spp. in plasma coagulation and platelet count in dogs during 15 weeks after contamination was evaluated. Twelve male and female dogs one-to-two-year-old were born in the experimental station and were used for the experiment. Nine dogs were infected with blood of dogs naturally bearing Ehrlichia spp., and three were kept as controls. The variation of plasma coagulation did not significantly differ between infected and uninfected dogs. The platelet count oscillated during the period from 61x10³/μL to 830x10³/μL, and the lowest mean value was 113 x 10³/μL at the sixth week after contamination in infected dogs. In conclusion, the plasma coagulation did not significantly change and the platelet count oscillated between normal, increased, and reduced values during the first 15 weeks after Ehrlichia spp. contamination in dogs.

dog; Ehrlichia; plasma coagulation; platelet

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