Lacrimal gland choristomas

Coristomas de glândula lacrimal

Antonio Augusto V. Cruz Roberto Murillo Limongi Eduardo Damous Feijó Tim Jürg Enz About the authors


The purpose of this article was to report a case of intraconal lacrimal gland tissue and to review the literature on lacrimal gland choristoma. The magnetic resonance imaging findings of a biopsy-proven orbital case are also presented. A PubMed database search was performed using the key terms heterotopic, ectopic, aberrant, choristoma, and lacrimal gland to identify all the previously documented studies on lacrimal gland choristoma, in English, Spanish, and French. We classified the lacrimal gland choristoma cases classified according to the location of the lesions, clinical appearance, management, and outcome. The search targeting the period between 1887 and 2019 returned 79 articles, which were reviewed. We found a total of 113 cases of choristomas with normal lacrimal gland tissue. Only two of them were not associated with the eye or its adnexa while the remaining 111 lesions were found either on the ocular surface (n=46) or in the orbit (n=34). Intraocular choristomas were found in 18 patients, and the rest of the lesions were noted either on the eyelids (n=10) or in the lacrimal drainage system (n=3). Orbital and intraocular choristomas are the most harmful lesions as orbital choristomas are frequently associated with permanent diplopia while intraocular lacrimal gland choristomas have a poor visual prognosis and are a common cause of enucleation of the eye. In one of the reported cases, a corneal lacrimal gland choristoma had been experimentally induced by activating the FGF10 signaling pathway. Lacrimal gland choristomas are not uncommon. This peculiar type of lesion has been experimentally induced and may appear in a variety of locations associated with the globe and its adnexa.

Lacrimal gland; Choristoma; Prognosis

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