Comparative study of inflammatory response and adhesions formation after fixation of different meshes for inguinal hernia repair in rabbits

Estudo comparativo da resposta inflamatória e da formação de aderências após fixação de diferentes tipos de telas para correção de hérnia inguinal em coelhos

Alberto Goldenberg Jacques Matone Wagner Marcondes Fernando Augusto Mardiros Herbella José Francisco de Mattos Farah About the authors

PURPOSE: Compare, in a rabbit model, the inflammatory response and adhesions formation following surgical fixation of polypropilene and Vypro mesh in the inguinal preperitoneal space. METHODS: Fourteen male New Zealand rabbits, weighing between 2.000 to 2.500 g were used. A midline incision was made and the peritoneal cavity was exposed. The 2,0X1,0 cm polypropylene mesh was fixed in the left flank and secured to the margins with 3-0 prolene in a separate pattern. In the right flank, a 2,0X1,0 cm Vypro II mesh was sewn in the same way. After the post surgical period, the animals were again anesthetized and underwent laparoscopic approach, in order to identify and evaluate adhesions degree. Both fixed prosthesis were excised bilaterally with the abdominal wall segment, including peritoneum, aponeurosis and muscle and sent to a pathologist RESULTS: Operative time ranged from 15 to 25 minutes and no difficulties in applying the mesh were found. From the 14 polypropylene meshes fixed to the intact peritoneum, 11 had adhesions to the abdominal cavity (78,6%). Concerning Vypro mesh, 12 animals developed adhesions from the 14 with mesh fixation (85,7%). Histological examination of tissues harvested revealed fibroblasts, collagen, macrophages and lymphocytes between the threads of the mesh. CONCLUSION: Polypropylene and Vypro mesh, when implanted in the peritoneal cavity of rabbits provoke similar amount of adhesions. Vypro mesh tissues had higher fibrosis resulting in better mesh incorporation to the abdominal wall.

Inguinal hernia; Adhesions; Inflammation; Rabbits

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