End-to-end esophagogastric anastomosis comparative study, between a single layer and submucosa-mucosa invagination technics: in rats

The surgery of the esophagus represents, still today, a technician-surgical challenge, to its high incidence of complications as leakage and estenosis. The esophagus-gastric anastomosis for invagination of a craneal tube of submucosa and mucosa shows up as a great hope of obtaining better results. In this study, we compared, in rats, the extra-mucous anastomosis in single layer with a submucosa and mucosa tube, with accomplished it in the same way without the tube, trying to confirm the effectiveness of that anastomosis type in the protection of the suture edges against the leakage occurrence, as well, to verify if, this technique would not increase the estenosis occurrence. We stabilished a study using 40 rats Wistar separated in 2 groups with 20 animals each, and of these 10 were observed by 7 days and other for 14 days. The animals were operated with the aid of a surgical microscope using polipropilene 7-0 stiches for the anastomosis. The evaluation of the results was made through parameters measured in the two operations, besides the analysis to the optic microscopic. The animals with the anastomosis and invagination, had smaller incidence of complications, confirming the safety of this technich and its advantages compared to the other anastomosis.

Technics of suture; Esophagus; Cardia; Rats

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