Comparison of Quick Lactose Intolerance Test in duodenal biopsies of dyspeptic patients with single nucleotide polymorphism LCT-13910C>T associated with primary hypolactasia/lactase-persistence

Comparação do Teste Quick de Intolerância à Lactose em biópsias duodenais de pacientes dispépticos com polimorfismo de nucleotídeo único LCT-13910C>T associado com hipolactasia primária/lactase persistente

PURPOSE: To analyze the usefulness of Quick Lactose Intolerance Test in relation to the genetic test based on LCT-13910C>T genotypes, previously validated for clinical practice, for primary hypolactasia/lactase-persistence diagnosis. METHODS: Thirty-two dyspeptic patients that underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy entered the study. Two postbulbar duodenal biopsies were taken for the Quick test, and gastric antral biopsy for DNA extraction and LCT-13910C>T polymorphism analysis. DNA was also extracted from biopsies after being used in the Quick Test that was kept frozen until extraction. RESULTS: Nine patients with lactase-persistence genotype (LCT-13910CT or LCT-13910TT) had normolactasia, eleven patients with hypolactasia genotype (LCT-13910CC) had severe hypolactasia, and among twelve with mild hypolactasia, except for one that had LCT-13910CT genotype, all the others had hypolactasia genotype. The agreement between genetic test and quick test was high (p<0.0001; Kappa Index 0.92). Most of the patients that reported symptoms with lactose-containing food ingestion had severe hypolactasia (p<0.05). Amplification with good quality PCR product was also obtained with DNA extracted from biopsies previously used in the Quick Test; thus, for the future studies antral gastric biopsies for genetic test would be unnecessary. CONCLUSION: Quick test is highly sensitive and specific for hypolactasia diagnosis and indicated those patients with symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Lactose Intolerance; Endoscopy; Biopsy; Nutrition; Public Health

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