Effects of broccoli extract on biodistribution and labeling blood components with 99mTc-GH

Efeitos do extrato de brócolis na biodistribuição e marcação dos componentes do sangue com 99mTc-GH

PURPOSE: People consume vegetables without the knowledge of the side effects of the biological and chemical contents and interactions between radiopharmaceuticals and herbal extract. To this end, current study is focused on the effects of broccoli extract on biodistribution of radiolabeled glucoheptonate (99mTc-GH) and radiolabeling of blood components. METHODS: GH was labeled with 99mTc. Quality control studies were done utilizing TLC method. Biodistribution studies were performed on male rats which were treated via gavage with either broccoli extract or SF as control group for 15 days. Blood samples were withdrawn from rats' heart. Radiolabeling of blood constituents performed incubating with GH, SnCl2 and 99m Tc. RESULTS: Radiochemical yield of 99mTc-GH is 98.46±1.48 % (n=8). Biodistribution studies have shown that according to the control, the treated group with broccoli has approximately 10 times less uptake in kidney. The percentage of the radioactivity ratios of the blood components is found to be same in both groups. CONCLUSIONS: Although there is no considerable effect on the radiolabeling of blood components, there is an outstanding change on the biodistribution studies especially on kidneys. The knowledge of this change on kidney uptake may contribute to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and/or repetition of the examinations in Nuclear Medicine.

Brassica; Blood Cells; Plant Preparations; Rats

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