Effects of nicotine in skin flaps in rats

The aim of this work was to study the effect of nicotine in MCFARLANE random-pattern skin flap in rats treated with nicotine during the pre and pos-operative periods. Thirty three male, adult, Wistar rats were used in this study. They were distributed in three groups of 11 animals: the group I was treated with subcutaneous saline, twice a day, during four weeks; the group II, was treated with 2mg/Kg (body weigh) nicotine twice a day, during four weeks in the pre-operative period; in group III, nicotine treatment was maintained until one week after the surgery. The surgical treatment was MCFARLANE skin flap and the animals were sacrificed one week after the surgery. The mean of necrosis area was 8.85% of the total surface of the flap in the group I; 12.15% in the group II; and 14.84% in the group III. The difference was statistically significant (p<0.01) when the group I was compared to groups II and III. There was significant difference (p<0.05) when group II was compared to group III. In conclusion, pre-operative nicotine treatment was associated with damage of skin flap, increasing the necrosis area and this treatment in the pos-operative period incresed this area significantly.

Nicotine; Surgical flaps; Smoking; Rats; Necrosis

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