Gastrointestinal myoelectric activity in dogs: evaluation of a fixation system of electrodes on the abdominal wall

OBJECTIVE: The use of intra-abdominal electrodes in the study of gastrointestinal electrical wave is an important instrument of the gastrointestinal mioelectric activity. However, the dislocations of the electrodes in non-anaesthetized animals due to diaphragmatic muscle movements, gastrointestinal movements and mainly due to the animals habits, especially in dogs. The study has the objective to demonstrate a procedure that stabilize the system using simple resources an irrelevant cost. METHODS: The authors demonstrate under diagrams and picture a fixed system to fix the electrical electrodes through the animal skin using bottoms. RESULTS: The system was used in 5 animals. Each animal had 3 bipolar electrodes. During the study it was not identified any electrode migration. The animals was kept resting until the complete recovery of the postoperative ileus. CONCLUSION: The procedure proposed is efficient, simple, and easy to be made and allow an acquisition of the mioelectric activity, in dogs not anaesthetized, for long periods.

Gastrointestinal motility; Electromiography; Electrical activity; Electrodes; Experimental surgery

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