Experimental model for endometriosis. Comparative histological study between the ectopic and eutopic endometrium

Modelo experimental de endometriose: estudo histológico comparativo entre o endométrio estópico e o eutópico

Thyrty-six rats werw implanted with endometrial squares (2 X 2mm) to the left parietal peritoneum and the right uterine horn was tied. The rats were mated for 20 days and then sacrificed. Topic and ectopic endometrial histological pattern were compared. There was a correlation between the histological pattern of the autografted endometrium and the eutopic endometrium im most rats, pregnant or not. This suggests that both responded in a similar way to the same endocrine stimuli. The experimental model for endometriosis admiting the histological correlation between the uterine endometrium and the ectopic is factible and it is easy to be repetead.

Endometriosis; Endometrial histology; Rats

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