Evaluation of healing prosthetic materials polyester mesh resorbable film and collagen elastin matrix /polypropylene used in rabbits abdominal wall defects

Avaliação da cicatrização da tela de poliéster com lâmina absorvível e a tela de colágeno-elastina/polipropileno utilizadas no reparo de lesões da parede abdominal de coelhos

Danielle Duck Schulz Nicolau Gregori Czeczko Osvado Malafaia Gustavo Justo Schulz Leticia Elizabeth A. Czeczko Larissa Santin Garcia Ulrich Andreas Dietz About the authors

PURPOSE: To compare polyester with absorbable layer prosthesis with collagen-elastin/polypropylene prosthesis in the repair of abdominal wall defects. METHODS: The 16 studied rabbits were divided in groups A and B (euthanized on the 30th and 60th days, after the implant of the mesh). The animals underwent laparotomy and received a 2cm wall "defect" on each side of the Alba linea. The repair was made with the suture of a polyester mesh with absorbable film on the left side of the Alba Linea and with collagen-elastin/polypropylene mesh on the right side. Adherences were classified according to Nair Score and microscopic evaluation observing types I and III collagen formation and other immunohistochemical analyses. RESULTS: There were no significant differences in adhesion formation. The collagen type I showed higher deposition in polyester with absorbable layer. In group B, the difference between the meshes was significant, with higher collagen III deposition in polyester with absorbable layer (60º P.O.). About the metalloproteinases, the presence of MMP -1 and MMP-8 were about the same; the expression of MMP-13 increased near to the 60th day. CONCLUSIONS: There is no significant difference between the two meshes in adhesion formation and immunohystochemical evaluation. The polyester mesh resorbable film presented a higher deposition of collagen.

Surgical Mesh; Hernia; Immunohistochemistry; Rabitts

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