Surgical application of fascia lata as a pericardial substitute in rabbits

Aplicação cirúrgica de fascia lata como substituto do pericárdio em coelhos

PURPOSE: To use fascia lata instead of pericardium and observe the presence of adhesions. METHODS: Twenty rabbits were divided into two group of ten. In group A, a 1×1 cm segment of pericardium was excised and resutured. In group B excised pericardium was substituted for autologous fascia lata. RESULTS: In the comparison of microscopic adhesion rate between two groups A, B after eight weeks, there was no significant statistical difference. CONCLUSION: Fascia lata is safe and it can be substituted for pericardium especially in repeat sternotomy in repairing congenital heart defects to avoid heart injury.

Fascia Lata; Pericardium; Tissue Adhesions; Rabbits

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