Bacterial translocation to kidney in obstructive experimental jaundice

Experimental study in order to determine if obstructive jaundice promotes basterial translocation from the gastrointestinal tract to the kidney in rats. We used 29 Wistar male rats weighing 171±12,6g. They were ramdomly separated in goup I (n=14) and group II (n=15) and operated with asseptic technic. The group I underwent common bile ducts ligature with number 000 silk suture, and in group II (control) the common bile ducts were manipulated with Adson forceps, as a sham operation. On 7th postoperative day the rats were killed with an overdose of anesthesic and had their kidneys resected. Portions of each kidney were harvested for quantitation of bacterial translocation and histopatologic examination. The incidance of bacterial translocation was 28,5% (Klebsiella sp) in group I and 0% in group II (p<0,05). Intersticial edema, nephrosis and tubular degeneration were observed in group I and the histology was normal in group II. The authors conclude that obstructive ajundice promotes bacterial translocation to the kidney, associted to histopatological alterations in this organ.

Bacteria; Cholestasis; Kidney

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