Effects of ischemic preconditioning associated to different preservation solutions in protecting the intestinal graft

Efeitos do precondicionamento isquêmico associado a diferentes soluções de preservação na proteção do enxerto intestinal

José de Souza Neves Marcos de Souza Abrahão Alcides Augusto Salzedas Netto Edna Frasson de Souza Montero Adriano Miziara Gonzalez About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of ischemic preconditioning (IPC) associate with different preservation solutions, in the protecting of gut. METHODS: Four groups of 14 rats underwent laparotomy and collecting 20 cm of ileum, for preservation, at 4ºC, in Belzer (Belz), Ringer (RL), Celsior (Cs) and Custodiol (Cust) solutions, for 24 hours. Prior to collection, half of the animals in each group were subjected to IPC. During preservation, in the periods of zero, 12, 18 and 24 hours, were conducted evaluating the degree of mucosal injury and dosage of malondialdehyde acid (MDA). RESULTS: In all periods the RL group, with and without IPC, presented MDA values higher than the Belz and Cs. The degree of mucosal injury in the non-ipc RLgroup with 12h preservation was higher than the others; with 18 and 24h, the RL and Cust had higher degrees of damage than Cs and Belz. With IPC, in all periods, the group Cs and Belz had lower degrees of injury. CONCLUSION: The Celsior and Belzer solutions had better protective effects on the gut and these effects were enhanced by IPC.

Organ Preservation Solutions; Ischemic Preconditioning; Intestine; Small; Rats

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