AZT on telomerase activity and cell proliferation in HS 839.T melanoma cells

AZT na atividade da telomerase e na proliferação de células de melanoma HS 839.T

Celestino Prospero de Souza Sobrinho Alfredo Gragnani Ivan Dunshee Abranches Oliveira Santos Andrea Fernandes Oliveira Monica Vanucci Nunes Lipay Lydia Masako Ferreira About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate telomerase activity and proliferation of HS839.T melanoma cells, subjected to the action of AZT. METHODS: Cells were grown in triplicate, AZT at different concentrations: 50, 100 and 200μM, was added and left for 24 and 48 hours, and its effects were compared with the control group. Telomerase activity was detected by PCR and cell proliferation was evaluated by MTT. RESULTS: After 24 hours, there was no inhibition of cell proliferation or telomerase activity when compared to the control group. After 48 hours, there was a momentary decrease, suggesting that the cell lines used in this study are sensitive to AZT, but quickly recover both the enzyme activity and cell proliferation. CONCLUSION: The action of AZT on the melanoma cells studied, at the concentrations and times tested, did not inhibit telomerase activity nor affect cell proliferation.

Telomerase; Melanoma; Zidovudine; Cell Proliferation; In Vitro

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