Occurrence of Ahasverus advena (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) in corn grains from the city of Plácido de Castro, state of Acre, Brazil

Ocorrência de Ahasverus advena (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) em grãos de milho provenientes de Plácido de Castro, Acre, Brasil

Adalberto Hipólito de Sousa Davair Lopes Teixeira Júnior Josilene Ferreira Rocha Lucas Martins Lopes About the authors


Ahasverus advena (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) is a secondary pest of stored grains. It is a polyphagic and cosmopolitan species, with little information about its occurrence in the northern region of Brazil. This study was conducted to report the first occurrence of A. advena in corn grains in the city of Plácido de Castro, in the state of Acre, Brazil. In June 2019, the presence of A. advena under development was observed in a mass of corn grains. The identification was made at the species level using the available dichotomous keys. Since this is the first record of A. advena in corn grains in the city of Plácido de Castro, monitoring insects in the mass of corn grains is necessary to prevent the economic damages caused by A. advena to grains.

foreign grain beetle; fungivorous beetle; Zea mays ; storage; South-Western Amazon

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