Successful therapy in unusual generalized Dermatophilus congolensis infection in a calf based on modified in vitro disk diffusion test

Sucesso no tratamento de infecção generalizada em bezerra por Dermatophilus congolensis baseado em teste in vitro modificado de difusão com discos

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Bovine dermatophilosis is a dermatitis characterized by typical focal or localized lesions with “paintbrush” aspect and occasionally as disseminated cutaneous disease. We report the case of a one-year-old Nelore female with history of chronic cutaneous disseminated lesions that appeared immediately after a rainfall period. Serous to purulent exudates, hair with tufted appearance, hyperkeratotic, non-pruritic, hardened, yellowish to brown, and coalescent crusty lesions were observed distributed all over its body. Removal of the crusts revealed ulcerated or hemorrhagic areas, with irregular elevated crusts like “paintbrush”. Microbiological diagnosis enabled the identification of a microorganism, the Dermatophilus congolensis. Despite disseminated and chronic lesions, we obtained a successful therapy with parenteral therapy using long-acting tetracycline based on modified in vitro disk diffusion test. The present report highlights success therapy in uncommon generalized bovine dermatophilosis with selection of first-choice drugs based on modified in vitro susceptibility test, and need of responsible use of antimicrobials in livestock.

dermatophilosis; bovine; treatment; in vitro susceptibility pattern; oxytetracycline

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