A força de um olhar a partir do sul

This article focuses on a set of four works of the Angolan writer Pepetela, namely, Muana Puó (1969); Mayombe (1971); A geração da utopia (1992) and Predadores (2005). Beginning with the first one, Muana Puó, we think by the fact that in such books there is, besides the enlace of esthetical and ethical, a linkage in thematic order in which is clear, by a developing citric criticism and positive way, the political project of the author and his commitment to the imperatives that move him. Those imperatives happens to, almost always, be in conflict to the hegemonic policy in his country, before and after the independence in 1975, as will be shown when we read Predadores, romance-closure of the route proposed and the actual article.

Pepetela; political project; innovative strength; episteme in the south

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