Characteristics of patients assisted at an ambulatory of dementia from a university hospital

Perfil dos pacientes atendidos no ambulatório de demência de um hospital universitário

Lyssandra dos Santos Tascone Rita de Cássia G. Marques Elaine Cristina Pereira Cássio M.C. Bottino About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To present socio-demographic characteristics, mean scores of tests and scales applied to patients with dementia and discuss the relationship between test scores, clinical diagnoses and the severity of dementia. METHOD: Patients (n=113) were diagnosed according to the DSM-IV criteria, and the diagnostic work-up included physical and neurological examination, auxiliary exams, cognitive and functional tests, and the evaluation of neuropsychiatric symptoms. RESULTS: Mean age was 74.0 years. Alzheimer's disease (AD) was diagnosed in 62.8% of the patients, AD and vascular dementia in 8.8%, other dementias in 14.2%, and mild cognitive impairment in 2.7%. At least one neuropsychiatric symptom was diagnosed in 96.9% of the sample. There were significant differences on cognitive and functional performance between the groups classified according to dementia severity. CONCLUSION: Neuropsychiatric symptoms were quite common in patients with dementia, being more frequent as severity increased, and those symptoms were associated with functional impairment in the patients.

dementia; Alzheimer's disease; vascular dementia; neuropsychiatric symptoms; activities of daily living

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